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Brentalfloss: Bits of Me - Album review

So you thought it would be all game reviews on this blog? Well you were wrong! I love myself some music and brentalfloss is an awesome example of great music. brentalfloss recently brought out a new album (after a long period of waiting on the fans part) called Bits of Me, for the most part I thought it was great album but I don't think it was as good as the first one.
I'm gonna start with the new songs from the album.
The album starts of with a brilliant song, "This is the Album You've Been Waiting For" which is really one of my favourite songs on the album, which is ironic considering it's the first song and was featured in a video by brentalfloss back before the album was released. I love the energy and overall feel of this song, and it just sets a mood so well.
The next new song on the album is "Meet Me in the Dungeon Dear" which is... interesting. In my opinion it's the worst song of the album. It's not there's anything big in particular wrong with it, I just don't think it fits the overall mood of the rest of the album, plus, this particular song annoyed me to listen to. Most of the time voices brentalfloss puts on enhance the "experience" of the song, but for this one, it just didn't work too well.
"Introspective Man in Blue" is the instrumental song of this album, and I liked it. It's too easy to make comparison's between this album and the last one brentalfloss released "What if this CD had Lyrics?" and in my opinion, the instrumental from that was better. Don't get me wrong, I loved man in blue, but duck in space from the last album just was the better tune and therefore came out better as an instrumental. 
The last new song on this album was "Baby Mario and Papa Yoshi" which I love so much. The innocent sound of the music, brentalfloss's voices and the hilarious lyrics just mix so well and create a brilliant song.
The reason I started with the new songs is because I'm going to address the ones taken from youtube as a whole. My main issue with these wasn't that they were bad, but in fact the opposite. Pretty much all of these songs were amazing to begin with which meant that when it came for brentalfloss to improve them for the album, sometimes it either didn't have the same effect as the original or just didn't change much. The best thing about the first album was it took 20 of brentalfloss's original songs, which weren't as professionally done back then, and improved them to CD quality. This was great because the songs sounded so much better. The new album however was working with songs that were done better and didn't need to be improved, so the album is filled with songs that aren't much different or in fact worse than the ones you can listen to for free on youtube. The exception to this, I would say is "Star Fox: Space Oddity" which I believe to be a better version.
I may have sounded through that like I don't like the album but I do! In fact it's almost impossible for me to not like anything brentalfloss releases, I just think that a few more new songs would have been better than trying to improve songs that, in my opinion, didn't need improving in the first place.
If I were to give the album a score, it would be 7.2/10. It's still a great album, just not as god as the first one.

So what did you guys think of the album? Got any comments on it? Leave them in the comments section =)
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