Friday, 3 August 2012

Eternal Sonata - Initial Impressions

Eternal Sonata is an old game. Simple, elegant, no trophies or gaming clichés that have been born in recent years. I bought the game pre-owned on a whim and I'm finding it fun so far. The game is based entirely around the pianist Frederic Chopin and how in the last hours before his death he dreams of a fantasy world based around his music. My first impression of this game was that the cut scenes were too full of heavy topics, things like war and human greed are brought up in conversation in the very first cut scene, every cut scene after this brings up other similar topics. I find it a bit intimidating when a game tries to drill serious topics into my head, especially when it's done blatantly. On a better note, I find the gameplay extremely fun, the battle system is innovative and it's a shame I haven't seen anything similar in new games. Battles work with light and dark affecting how monsters fight and also what magic can be used. I love how the fights work, they're the thing I like most about the game and it's what keeps me playing, they're challenging whilst still being fun. I even find fun in grinding for experience! Travelling in the game is very linear at times, I've only so far met one puzzle, the rest has been simply walking from point A to point B, which get's boring at points but the stunning visuals do distract from this. My overall impression so far is that the gameplay is fun if very linear at times, and the musical score and visuals are simply stunning. My biggest gripe is that the story is't the best, it focuses too much on major issues and doesn't at all match the fantastical nature at all. Anyway, these are my initial impressions, I'll do another post when I've finished the game to give my informed decision of the game and also a score based on the music, gameplay and other such aspects of the game.

Hope you enjoyed the post, talk to y'all next time.

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